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Early Season Thoughts

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Just a few things to consider before you make your way to the Delaware River Watershed.

The 2022 season is here and on a positive the fish don't care about what is going on in the world today. I cannot tell you what our season will be like I can only say there will always be opportunities. From time to time I will be posting these short articles. Some will be technical other to try to get you to think a little differently. I also hope to get other contributors, please contact me if your interested.


We all hope for early hatches but mentally plan on subsurface techniques and see rising fish as a bonus.

When I planning a fishing trip I, like all of us, I think about what I might want to do. This process is important to mellow out what I want versus what I will get. One of the best examples I can give you is a Salmon River trip. When asked about what to expect I tell them to assume your going to be surrounded by other anglers all day without a moment of peace. While that isn't entirely true its a better mindset to approach that fishery then expecting a pristine isolated experience for which one will be eternally disappointed.


Don't get caught up in fishing a specific river.

We often try to get customers to fish different locations, one of the unique parts of this watershed is how diverse it is and how close everything is. If you find yourself stuck in your comfort spots please visit us and hopefully we can provide some new options that will broaden your fishing experience.


Over the years I have watched other anglers cast and one of the most common things I see is too many false casts.

We One thing I would implore everyone to focus on is trying to reduce the number of false cast one needs to accomplish the desired cast. Try to aim for 2-3 maximum in most circumstances. This helps in two major ways, first is the fly is on the water more often and second it reduces arm fatigue. Pay attention to how many false casts you are making and you might be surprised and if you catch yourself adjust and if you find that difficult then maybe some other casting techniques or practice will get you to a place that is more efficient.

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