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Located in Roscoe New York, the Beaverkill Angler has been proudly serving Catskill area fly fishermen since 1979. Affectionately known as "Trout Town, USA", Roscoe sits near the conjunction of two world famous fisheries: the Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek. With the Main Stem, West Branch, and East Branches of the Delaware River nearby, the Beaverkill Angler is a trusted source of area information, flies, and services for people fishing some of the most historic rivers in the country.

We moved into our new corner location in 2017, and are proud to continue offering the biggest and best selection of flies and equipment in the region. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned angler, not only will you find the gear to meet your needs here, you will also find the knowledge and support you need to make the most of your fishing experience through our numerous classes, accurate and honest fishing reports, or in store staff who are always happy to answer your questions or provide advice.

Giving Back

Evan is the owner of the Beaverkill Angler. Originally from Michigan, he has been living on the East Coast since 1992. Michigan has numerous streams and lakes, so he grew up chasing trout, steelhead, salmon & bass. Evan was also able to spend a good deal of time in saltwater on the Rhode Island coast and in Cape Cod guiding, instructing and working in a fly shop in the mid-1990's. After a brief time in the West, he decided to chase fortune in Manhattan which gave him the opportunity to visit the Catskills as a weekend warrior pursuing trout. After buying a house nearby and meeting the catch of his life,

Michelle, he decided to move here full time.

The Beaverkill Angler came available for sale in 2006, and Evan seized the opportunity. Having been on these waters since 1998 and getting close to 100 days-a-year fishing since then, he's learned a lot about the hatches and habitat but acknowledges that there is always more to learn.

We put this together with Romands, a great group of guys who have help us with some videos in the past.  Its a nice little introduction to the shop, a bit dated but still good.   I hope you enjoy it.

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